Personal training

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Access the new fully personalized online service.
On smart-phones, tablets or PCs.
1/ Training plan
Weekly, monthly and annual program planning.
Integration of deadlines, competitions and personal constraints.
Setting up sessions with detailed exercises.
Adaptation to the physiological data of the athlete.
Personalized follow-up, advice, fitness and fatigue monitoring.
Personalized statistics.
Programming of other sports (running, cycling, home trainer, cross-country skiing...).
Complementary physical preparation (strength, weight training, plyometrics, flexibility...)
2/ Technical analysis and video tactics
Thanks to remote video sharing, you benefit from a personalized and detailed analysis of : 
      - your individual technique.
      - your technique in competition or in situation
      - your strategies in competition or in situation
3/ Reserved ATS access (under construction)
Through your personal account you can access the Access to Speed database.
Training advice, technical and practical exercises, session sheets...
Reserved access.